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Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy is therapeutic approach to optimizing hormone levels in individuals ages 35 and above in order to maximize your quality of life. Biodentical hormones are biologically identical to those produced within the body, making them the most effective approach to hormone replacement therapy. Hormones are responsible for helping cells to communicate to their specific organ functions and can directly influence mood, metabolism, energy, libido, and even sleep. Here at Drip Doctors, we individualize our BHRT programs to fit your goals.


Female hormones are known for having some of the biggest influence on overall mood, libido, and weight. Drip Doctors’ anti-aging program will help to balance hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. We also work to help optimize your thyroid levels along with any underlying factors that may be affecting your hormones.


During the natural aging process in males, the most common hormone affected is Testosterone. This is described as ‘andropause’ or the male version of menopause. Symptoms of low Testosterone include, but are not limited to; changes in sexual function, body composition, and even disturbed sleep patterns. At Drip Doctors, our anti-aging programs will help to optimize this hormone level along with other pertinent hormones that may be keeping you from looking and feeling your best!

Anti Aging Plans Available

To help you distinguish which anti aging plan would best fit your lifestyle and budget, we have broken them down with pricing and details.


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Drip Doctors Anti Aging Team

The anti aging programs here at Drip Doctors are truly tailored to fit what works best for you and your lifestyle. This is why we have created several different plans for our patients. Each plan is formulated in order to fit your needs as well as your budget.

Medical Director and Anti-Aging Physician

Dr. Anthony Ho


Bonnie Lee

Anti- Aging Coordinator

Ashley Tutwiler
Why you should choose Drip Doctors as your anti aging specialists

Our anti aging team at Drip Doctors will be there for you every step of the way. Our anti-aging coordinator will keep you up to date on your labs, refill prescriptions when necessary, and be available via email 7 days a week! Depending on your plan and medications, we will also be able to ship your products to you for a shipping and handling fee.

All of our anti aging programs will come with a consultation with one of our two anti aging providers to discuss individualized goals, lab results, and treatment options. If you are a candidate for our BHRT membership program, you will get a monthly one-on-one with the provider if requested.

Drip Doctors takes pride in providing our patients with access to our innovative preventative health products. These products include, but are not limited to; supplements to aid in chronic disease prevention, weight loss, and obviously our IV vitamin therapy services for a discounted rate.

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