Are IV Drips the Hangover Cure?

Dr. Anthony Ho

Ever wake up to the room spinning and regretting that last tequila shot? Been there, done that. As you toss and turn, the questions begin.

Do I go to the hospital? Do I call in sick for work? What is the quickest fix to relieve this hangover? You’ve tried the Tylenol, strong coffee and even a Pedialyte to no avail. Then you recall hearing about those IV Vitamin treatments and the research begins; Are IV drips the hangover cure?

At Drip Doctors, we have done all the research for you. We have carefully calculated and uniquely formulated all of our IV Drips for optimal benefits. Our IV Hangover Drip has relieved countless hangovers and helped people get back on their feet, feeling even better than they could imagine. It is not just a trend, there are years of real medical experience in the ER behind it. Let’s get into some of the science behind the dreadful morning after and symptoms of a hangover.

Why do we get hangovers? Dehydration has been the primary blame for years but recent studies show otherwise. So what makes us want to curl into a ball and stay in bed all day long battling the headache, trembling, nausea, fatigue, etc. Alcohol is a diuretic and the excess consumption of it forces you to urinate excessively hence losing more water. Dehydration also imbalances electrolyte levels which can cause a terrible headache but it is not the sole factor for the severity of hangovers.

Why does your stomach churn? Alcohol causes inflammation of the stomach lining and causes you to produce more gastric acid, increasing pancreatic and intestinal secretions. Long story short, it causes you to get nauseous and often throw up.

When you have a hangover your body is experiencing minor alcohol withdrawal. Many swear by a hair of the dog, another alcoholic drink, to cure their hangover but this method only postpones the inevitable. There are other chemicals such as acetaldehyde formed in the body when the liver breaks down alcohol, giving you a double dose of toxins. Larger amounts of alcohol increase the build up of acetaldehyde causing headache and vomiting as well. Glycogen, which is stored in the liver, is a key energy source. Alcohol also breaks down glycogen which produces the weakness and fatigue you experience during a hangover.

Factors like age, body size and your choice of poison also affect the severity of hangovers. Different liquors have varying amounts of compounds called congeners. Darker drinks, like whiskey and red wine, are high in congeners and said to be more likely to produce a hangover. Generally women tend to be smaller sized so they have lower levels of enzymes and glutathione and it takes longer for their bodies to break down the alcohol.

So now that we know why we get hangovers, how do we treat them? Drip Doctors found the solution for you. Along with one full liter of hydration, we include 16 high dose vitamins and antioxidants to help replenish electrolyte levels, detox your liver and give you energy. We can even add medications to alleviate headache and nausea almost instantly. While there is no official hangover cure, there certainly can be relief and it’s only one phone call away! #dripwithus