IV Vitamin Therapy Boosts Weight Loss

Dr. Anthony Ho

So you’ve tried all the pills and supplements to help boost your weight loss to no avail, but have you tried IV Vitamin Therapy?

While there is still no magic pill that can help you instantly get your dream body, there are alternatives that can help you get there quicker. IV vitamin therapy helps boost weight loss on a cellular level in a variety of ways. It is also a more holistic alternative compared to other products on the market that are full of additives that produce undesired side effects. IV vitamin therapy in adjunction to your weight loss regiment can help you reach your desired goals. Vitamin drips help restore and optimize your body’s natural balance, which maximizes performance and in turn helps you lose weight more easily.

Exercise is key to any weight loss plan. One of the most necessary requirements to exercise, or do anything really, is energy. Without energy, we can barely get out of bed let alone into the gym. There is no equivalent to the benefits an IV vitamin drip provides versus a pill or workout drink. Vitamin B-12 is responsible for converting the food you eat into energy and fuel for your body. When it is intravenously administered in a high dose, it is more effective in tenfold compared to oral B-12 pills. It helps immediately alleviate symptoms of vitamin B-12 deficiency including muscle weakness & stiffness, fatigue, mood disturbances, and more. IV drips also give your adrenal gland a boost and can help increase your metabolism to burn those excess pounds.

Recovery after exercise is just as important to the body when aiming to lose weight. As you work hard to achieve your weight loss goals, it puts a tremendous amount of strain on your body. If you’ve ever felt paralyzed the day after a gnarly gym session then you know that muscle and tissue recovery is essential. Any vitamin deficiencies make it harder for our bodies to recover after physical exercise which in turn hinders your ability to lose weight. An IV drip with high dose amino acids, electrolytes and multi-vitamins, such as our MVP Drip, is specifically created to help with muscle maintenance and recovery.

Although we can function somewhat zombie like off of 4 hours of sleep and strong coffee, sleep is essential for your general health. Because IV vitamin drips restore your body’s natural balance, it can in turn help you get adequate sleep. When our bodies are hydrated and vitamin deficiencies are balanced it alleviates stress, which helps sustain healthy cortisol levels allowing us to get proper rest at night. High levels of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone, often is the culprit that keeps us up all night long. IV Vitamin Therapy helps keep your body healthy where the stress response normally turns on and then off, allowing the relaxation response to take over and let you drift off into dream land.

With intravenous vitamin therapy directly into the bloodstream you receive 100% vitamin absorption. There is no comparison to any oral vitamins, where you only get about 20% absorption after going through your digestive system and fighting to get into the bloodstream. When you get maximum absorption you also get maximum benefits and alleviation of common vitamin deficiency symptoms. If you need a boost to help you reach your weight loss goals visit your local Drip Doctors or go to www.dripdoctors.com to see how we can help!