NAD Treatment for Addiction and Long-Term Addiction Recovery

Dr. Anthony Ho

Not just a trendy IV infusion to boost brain restoration, energy, and mental clarity, as well as provide jaw-dropping anti-aging effects, NAD IV therapy is the fastest growing method for alternative addiction treatment in the United States.

What is NAD?

NAD, scientifically referred to as nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide, is a co-enzyme naturally produced in nearly every cell of the body and is innately responsible for fueling metabolic responses. Without produced NAD, our bodies wouldn’t be able to properly process or metabolize fats, carbohydrates, or amino acids. NAD IV therapy is a fast-emerging vitamin infusion therapy, often dubbed a “drip” in the wellness world, that provides a natural, holistic healing approach to those suffering or struggling with alcohol and drug addiction or substance abuse, including age-related challenges and chronic fatigue.

NAD IV Therapy Benefits for Addiction

Though not a cure for addiction, NAD IV therapy for addicts and alcoholics offers an organic method to recovery due to its ability to heal the brain and support brain functioning on a cellular level, which inherently helps to catapult the recovery process. Individuals struggling with substance abuse and addiction have been shown to have a better chance at a successful, long-term recovery. Because addiction is physiologically classified as a disease of the brain, NAD treatment therapy has demonstrated remarkable, attention-worthy results as a form of detox. Here are the brain-boosting benefits of NAD during the detoxification process:

  • It’s all-natural. No need to worry about toxic, pharmaceuticals to harm your brain and other vital organs in the body.
  • NAD IV treatment therapy boasts a bevy of restorative properties for an all-inclusive approach to optimal health and wellness.
  • NAD IV treatment therapy has been shown to be neuroprotective – it serves to protect and defend against the daily assaults from free radicals and other environmental aggressors.

When it comes to drugs, alcohol, and other mind-altering substances, the brain takes a beating. Stimulants, such as street speed, cocaine, and meth deplete the brain of its inherent energy production and NAD supply, essentially leaving the brain to run on empty. Think of a car running out of gas. If you don’t stop and fill up, you will breakdown. This is what threatens brain functionality when its NAD stores have been exhausted. NAD IV therapy treatment will exponentially restore the brain’s much-needed supply of NAD, improving neurological illnesses effectively.

NAD IV infusion therapy significantly reduces cravings commonly associated with alcohol, opiate, and nicotine withdrawals. A more natural alternative to potentially harmful prescription drugs, such as suboxone and methadone, NAD therapy treatment offers no scary side effects or debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Roughly 10-12 consecutive days of treatment with NAD + has shown those battling drugs and addiction have a far better chance at living a clean, sober, pain-free life following their addiction treatment.

Levels of NAD that naturally occur within the body unfortunately decline with age, so NAD IV treatments help supplement this natural loss by delivering a powerful, detoxifying dose directly into the bloodstream – bypassing the digestion system – to regenerate cells, boost brain cognition/function, while increasing energy levels and offering anti-aging effects. Depending on the individual undergoing drug and addiction recovery treatment, NAD IV therapy generally lasts between 4-14 days.

Road to Recovery

Before considering NAD IV therapy as an alternative option in your battle against drugs and alcohol at any treatment center, it’s highly recommended you seek the consultation and medical advice of a licensed health practitioner or physician. In the meantime, be sure to visit any one of our growing, celebrity-approved, leading locations in Downtown Los Angeles, San Francisco (SF), West Hollywood, and Brentwood. DripDoctors is a leading Los Angeles-based wellness center and innovative, full-service medi-spa specializing in safe, holistic, and healing approaches to mind, body, and beauty. DripDoctors’ unique, integrative IV therapy and advanced wellness services will help you achieve your health, body, and beauty goals, as well as provide a personalized path to successful, long-term addiction recovery. Any one of our highly-trained team members is here to help you regain a sense of inner peace, calm, and mind-body balance.

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