Put your skin first with PRP ageless facials

Dr. Anthony Ho

How do you get that flawless look your favorite celebs have? No, it’s not the makeup. Skincare is the real foundation of beauty today.

With all of the #mua popping up on your Instagram feed, the common misconception is no surprise. Sure a highlighter is great, but skip it and go for a natural glow with an ageless facial. Also known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), ageless facials deliver improved skin tone, clarity, and volume, with minimal discomfort or side effects.

Plasma is a primary component found in blood and is made up of many other components such as red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. These platelets aid in the body’s ability to heal damaged tissue and promote new cell growth because they contain hundreds of natural growth factors. PRP is an advanced anti-aging and healing treatment.

So how exactly does PRP therapy work? First, your blood is drawn into a standard vial and immediately after it is inverted to prevent coagulation. Afterwards, it is put into a centrifuge to separate the plasma from the blood. It is then extracted to be injected into the desired areas, commonly the face and even lips to stimulate collagen production for a more refreshed, youthful appearance. However, it can also be injected into the eyebrows and scalp for hair restoration and into joints to aid in tissue recovery and repair.

How can you make this amazing treatment even better? With micro needling of course! When PRP is used with micro needling, it penetrates your skin through the tiny channels the micro needles create, supercharging the amazing benefits. It also addresses under-eye puffiness and dark circles to give you a more well-rested appearance.

Ultimately, your own blood is used a natural filler and skin booster solution that induces synthesis of collagen. It also eliminates the possibility of adverse reactions since it is your own custom injectable. This stimulation aids in the overall firming and toning of the skin, resulting in a naturally rejuvenated appearance. So ladies and gentlemen, If you’re looking to enhance your appearance, remember to put your first layer first and love your skin.