Drip Doctors Showcases Local Celebrities

29 JUNE 2016
South Park is a lively and conveniently located commercial district walking distance from Staples Center, LA Live, and other entertainment hot spots.

Drip Doctors recently participated in the Green Carpet Event showcasing the neighborhood’s local celebrities. The night was filled with familiar and new faces – and complimentary B12 shots with any service. Downtown has steadily developed into one of the city’s most predominate entertainment hub. Drip Doctors offers services to clients located in the city’s luxury lofts. The services include hydroboost, beauty, immunity, limitless, hangover, and more! DRIP DOCTORS IV

The hangover IV will surely resurrect the patient with this specially formulated cocktail. This infusion is known in the emergency department as the “banana bag” and has been clinically used by physicians for decades. Hydration with The Hangover Drip is rich in nutrients and vitamins without having to incur the steep cost of an emergency room visit. The hangover drip is an all-encompassing blend that will alleviate any headache, fatigue, or withdrawal. Lastly, it is a fast recovery, restores your body’s natural balance, and alleviates physical symptoms like headache, fatigue, nausea, or withdrawal. Apart from the hangover drip, another popular drip is the Beauty IV. The Beauty Drip is a Hollywood favorite, this perfect blend gives you a beauty boost from the inside out. The drip combines hydration, high dose Glutathione, along with Drip Doctor’s special vitamins that will keep your hair, skin, and nails looking pristine. This drip is ideal for those who want a master detoxifier, skin brightening, high dose of antioxidants and anti-aging benefits.

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