Dr. Anthony HoFounder / CEO

    As the CEO, Founder, & Medical Director of Drip Doctors, Dr Anthony Ho is a Board Certified Emergency Medicine Physician, Diplomate of Anti-Aging Medicine, and a well-known health and wellness specialist who authored multiple research studies with UCLA Geffen School of Medicine and completed Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine. 

    As an Emergency Medicine Physician, he has staffed 12 hospitals and served as Assistant Medical Director at 2 hospitals all within California. As a result of working in Emergency Medicine, Dr. Ho observed that IV Vitamin Therapy significantly increased the recovery of patients who were experiencing severe illness, dehydration, or serious intoxication.

    After seeing how these treatments significantly helped the symptoms for his ER patients, he paired this with his expertise in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  This combination of skills served as the foundation for opening Drip Doctors, as Dr. Ho focused these innovative therapies on the prevention of disease and optimization of health.

    As a health and wellness specialist, he has worked with thousands of patients to empower them to treat their bodies both from the inside out and the inside in, with the focus on optimizing their health and longevity. This proactive versus reactive approach to medicine plays an ongoing role in the growth and mission of Drip Doctors, an innovative boutique brand of health and wellness clinics in California, offering services in a variety of categories to include IV Therapy, Advanced Aesthetics, Regenerative Medicine, Physique Optimization, and Cognitive Health. 

    Dr. Ho continues to stay at the forefront of medical technologies supporting each patient in developing a personalized treatment plan to reach their unique health goals.