Leah Porter MS, MA, MFTChief Operating Officer

    Leah initially joined Drip Doctors in a consultation role, as the Founder and CEO of a private healthcare consulting company.  As a licensed provider with a Master of Science in Clinical Counseling and a Master of Arts in Healthcare, she has specific expertise in diagnostics and psychopharmacology, having spent much of her career treating high acuity comorbid patients.

    Working with patients experiencing such severe health challenges inspired Leah to develop healthcare practices focused on the highest level of clinical care to support patients in improving their health and wellness while achieving their treatment goals.  As a consultant and instructor, Leah has worked with hundreds of providers, offering specialized training in the implementation of healthcare best practices, progressive clinical skillsets, and patient-centered clinical services.

    Although first introduced to Drip Doctors for consultation, Leah quickly recognized the incredible services provided and joined the company as the Chief Operating Officer with a dedication to continue developing customized services dedicated to Regenerative Medicine, Cognitive Health, IV Therapy, Advanced Aesthetics, and Physique Optimization. “Simply put, I fell in love with the mission of Drip Doctors…a mission focused on utilizing the best technology and medical practices to support patients in achieving their unique treatment goals through proactive methods.”

    Leah works alongside the entire Drip Doctors family of employees to ensure each patient receives advanced and personalized care focused on their distinctive health and wellness goals.