Phil Phung RNDirector of Regenerative Medicine

    Growing up in a family predominantly made up of women, Phil was able to witness and experience what it is like to care for others in a genuine way. He observed compassion and empathy at its finest, and when it was his turn to step up and provide the same care to his family members, it came naturally to him.

    Phil has always had that innate drive to help others, and when choosing a career path, the decision to pursue medical school was instinctual so he could be directly involved with patients and helping others with their health. After graduating with his BSN from West Coast University, he started his career providing care as a medical-surgical nurse and soon brought his skills to the Emergency Department, where he continues to work when he’s not at Drip Doctors.  In the ER, Phil continues to enjoy mentoring other nurses and using his clinical skills to support patients and their families in times of need.

    This experience motivated him to further his education and clinical skillset, pursuing the practice of a nurse practitioner and specifically enjoying Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.  As the Clinical Practices Supervisor for Drip Doctors South Region, Phil oversees, trains, and mentors a large staff clinical providers.  His medical and research knowledge, dedication to integrity as a provider, and commitment to every patient’s personal treatment goals allow him to not only personally excel, but to develop his team so that every patient receives the best care possible.