Vanessa Schindler RNDirector of Aesthetics

    Vanessa has been a registered nurse for over 9 years, graduating with honors from Samuel Merritt University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Before moving to Los Angeles in 2016, she worked as an emergency room nurse in Oakland, her hometown in northern California.

    Prior to nursing, Vanessa practiced as an aesthetician for 15 years. With experience, passion, and an innate eye for beauty, she quickly became a master in aesthetics. After extensive training and coaching under a top plastic surgeon in Beverly Hills and working alongside industry leaders, Vanessa refined her assessment and injectable skills.

    Today, Vanessa works as Director of Aesthetics at Drip Doctors, specializing in subtle full facial rejuvenation and skincare. She oversees training of clinical staff on various aesthetic treatments such as body contouring, skin treatments, medical-grade skincare, and cosmetic injectables, and she enjoys sharing her passion for advanced techniques to meet every patient’s personal and unique aesthetic goals. She constantly strives to expand her knowledge, education, and expertise, taking pride in the experience of supporting every patient in letting their inner beauty shine.