The Secret to Mental Clarity and a Longer Life

Dr. Anthony Ho

As we age, we begin to see signs that our bodies start to produce less of the essential hormones and neurotransmitters they once did in our youth. Aging becomes apparent both inside and outside our bodies as we begin to look older, become more susceptible to injury, and have less energy. Also, the older we get, the more frequently we experience our brain function declining. This shows up in the form of brain fog, anxiety, memory loss, exhaustion, and more. 

We all want that magic potion that will keep us young and full of energy. In fact, scientists have been trying to find a way to reverse aging for many years. Currently, the pill that can make you live forever doesn’t exist, but we’ll be sure to inform you when that’s available.

In the meantime, there is good news! There is something out there that can actually slow down the aging process and make you feel younger, more vibrant, and more clear-headed. It’s been tested, approved by the FDA, has no side effects, and is available to you right now. It’s called Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD+ for short. 

What is NAD+?

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide, or NAD+ for short, is a coenzyme found in all living cells. Its function is nothing short of miraculous as it increases the health of your brain and body. NAD+ promotes cellular regeneration and takes part in the conversion of cellular energy. NAD+ has been proven to repair DNA, protect brain cells, decrease internal inflammation, and help fend off neurodegenerative disorders. Best of all, it has been shown not to show any serious side effects and is generally safe for most people.

NAD+ helps activate enzymes in the bloodstream called “sirtuins”, which support certain parts of your genes that facilitate longevity. This means that it can actually slow down aging at a genetic level, allowing your body to express your genes’ healthiest attributes. NAD+ also to quickly fix cells throughout your body. It supports complete brain renovation, allowing you to experience increased mental function. NAD+ can also support you in overcoming depression, anxiety, and common mood disorders. It truly is the miracle nutrient that can help you live longer, and enjoy your years feeling more energized, mentally clear, and happier.

In short, here are all the ways that NAD+ can make you feel younger and be healthier:

  • Increase metabolism & weight loss
  • Increase energy
  • Increase brain function
  • Repair your DNA from toxicities and injury
  • Decrease depression and anxiety
  • Decrease exhaustion
  • Slow down aging
  • Improve skin appearance and elasticity

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Where can I get NAD+?

If you’re looking to try out this incredible treatment, you can book an appointment at your local Drip Doctors clinic. Drip Doctors administers NAD+ as one of their IV Drips. They even have several dose plans to support your specific goals, such as Anti-Aging, Neuroregeneration, and even Detox from alcohol and other substances.

Getting an IV Drip at Drip Doctors is an easy and often very comfortable experience. Their clinics are clean and cozy, and they have incredible staff there helping make the experience all the more relaxing and enjoyable. Drip Doctors are not only one of the few Medical Clinics in California that offer this incredible treatment, but also the only ones that have customized the infusion with micronutrients and methyl factors that optimize absorption and utilization to increase cellular energy systemically to the whole body.

Click here to learn more about NAD+ at Drip Doctors and book your appointment today!

How do I take NAD+?

NAD+ is best administered via Intravenous treatment (an IV). There are lots of oral NAD+ supplements available, but unfortunately, those are not as effective in getting this coenzyme working in our bodies as an IV. That’s because supplements taken orally usually become less potent as they move through your digestive tract. In fact, less than 10% of the nutrients taken in an oral supplement actually get absorbed into your blood. By receiving NAD+ through an IV, the nutrient goes straight into your bloodstream to do all the awesome work in helping you feel younger, clearer, and more healthy.

All in all, getting an NAD+ IV treatment is an incredibly safe and effective way to restore your DNA and bring back that feeling of youth. Although it doesn’t make you live forever, it is definitely one of the most simple and compelling ways that can help you prolong your life and live with a clearer mind and a healthier body. You can book your NAD+ treatment with Drip Doctors by clicking here, or give them a call any time to find out more about how NAD+ can support your longevity and health goals.